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Elegance, Lightness and Tailoring. It is the absolute value that derives from the ancient artisan tradition, entirely Made in Italy, which for three generations has combined the most advanced skills!



The Tombolini Family: the ancient tradition of Italian "Know How".

The company was born from the passion and talent of the Tombolini family, and from the great success of a small artisan tailoring workshop, which in 1964 in Urbisaglia (Macerata), began to write a new page in the history of Italian fashion, becoming a heritage over time. of "know how", art, technique and textile craftsmanship totally Made in Italy.


Today the TMB Brand is synonymous with the search for the most advanced production techniques, garments made with the best yarns on the market and a unique production technique heritage. The result is a modern, dynamic and recognizable luxury.





The values ​​of the TMB brand are contained in the possession of experience, in the knowledge of the trade, in technological innovation and in the use of precious materials essential to offer the demanding consumer the best.


Dressing is a knowledge of the mind, it is more than an action of protection from heat or cold or a daily gesture: dressing is an art.


The wealth of expertise and experience is combined with a strong dose of creativity, innovation and originality, in order to produce unique, dynamic and aesthetically flawless clothing.


TMB expresses the values ​​of the Italian manufacturing tradition through a study of the product focused on the continuous search for a unique style, on the attention to detail, on the choice of accessories.